Anamorphic Prism


Anamorphic Prism


These two prisms can expand or contract the beam in one direction without any changes in the other direction. By adjusting the angles among the incident beam and two prisms, the shape of the beam can be changed. It is very easy to turn elliptical beam into circular beam.

Part No. A(mm) B(mm) C(mm)31.0
ANP1101 12 12 8.5


Material: SF11 Grade A optical glass
Dimension Tolerance: +0/-0.2mm
Bevel: 0.2mm to 0.5mm × 45°
Clear Aperture: >80%
Surface Quality: 60/40 Scratch and Dig
Flatness: lambda/8 at 632.8 nm
q:  29°27′±30″
Coating: MgF2 single layer on perpendicular surface