Optical Crystals


Optical Crystals


YAG Undoped YAG is a new substrate and window material that can be used for both UV and IR optics. It is particularly useful for high temperature and high-energy applications. YAG shows no trace absor.. More..


The yttrium orthvanadate (YVO4) is a positiveuniaxial crystal grown with Czochralski method. It has good temperature stability and physical and mechanical properties, wide transparency and large biref.. More..


High Temperature form BBO ( a -BaB 2 O 4 ) is a negative uniaxial crystal. It has large birefringence over the broad transparent range from 189 nm to 3500 nm. The physical, chemical, thermal and opt.. More..


Sapphire Due to the hardest of the oxide crystals, Sapphire has a combination of optical and physical properties that makes it the best choice for a variety of demanding applications. Sapphire mainta.. More..


Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2 crystals)is used for optical elements where extreme ruggedness and durability is required. Its useful transmission range is 0.12 m - 8.5 m. Irradiation does not lead to color .. More..