Reverse Beam Combiner

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Reverse Beam Combiner

Reverse YAG Beam Combiner refers to an optic component used to transmit a short wavelength beam(eg. 650nm) at an angle of incidence of 45º while reflecting a long wavelength 1064nm.



Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.13mm
Thickness ±0.25mm
Side1 T>99%@650nm,45AOI
Side2 T>99%@650nm R>99%@1064nm,45AOI
Surface Figure:λ/4 per 1” Dia @632.8nm



Part No. Material Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Wavelength (nm)
BCBK-1-3.5-1064R BK7 25.4 3.50 1064R650T
BCBK-1-7-1064R BK7 25.4 7.00 1064R650T
BCBK-2-6.35-1064R BK7 50.8 6.40 1064R650T