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Scanning Mirror

The scanning mirror is light weight rectangular mirrors that used for high speed two-axis laser scanning system. The dimensions for each mirror have been calculated accordingly with the laser beam size. The mirror has high reflectivity of 99.5% or above. The scanning mirror usually mounted on to a galvanometer for scanning purposes. For two axis scan mirror, commonly the Y mirror has a bigger size compared with the X mirror. This is due to the fact that the X mirror is used to scan the Y mirror rather than the object directly.

Surface figure: λ/4 @633nm per 1”Dia
Scratch/Dig: 40/20,
Reflective coating:
Silicon, Gold or Silver coating for CO2 Laser (10.6um)
Si/BK7/FS, Dielectric or Silver coating for Nd:YAG Laser (1064nm/650nm/532nm)
Si/BK7/FS, Dielectric coating for Green & Visible Laser (650nm/355nm)
Mounted scanning mirror are available upon request.
Wavelength: 10.6um/1064nm/532nm/355nm

Unmounted Scanning Mirror


Part No. Dimension L*W*T (mm) Substrate Beam Size X/Y
SCM-8.4x11.5x1.05 8.4x11.5x1.05 Si/BK7/FS 5 X01
SCM-10.1x15.1x1.05 10.1x15.1x1.05 Si/BK7/FS 5 Y01
SCM-12.6x15x1.7 12.6x15x1.7 Si/BK7/FS 8 Y02
SCM-10.6x25.4x1.7 10.6x25.4x1.7 Si/BK7/FS 8 X02
SCM-17.78x24.43x1.5 17.78x24.43x1.5 Si/BK7/FS 10 Y03
SCM-13.69x20.32x1.5 13.69x20.32x1.5 Si/BK7/FS 10 X03
SCM-17.7x24.4x2 17.7x24.4x2 Si/BK7/FS 10 Y04
SCM-13.7x20.3x2 13.7x20.3x2 Si/BK7/FS 10 X04
SCM-16.4x28x1.7 16.4x28x1.7 Si/BK7/FS 10 Y05
SCM-14.7x19.4x1.7 14.7x19.4x1.7 Si/BK7/FS 10 X05
SCM-24.8x39.4x3.2 24.8x39.4x3.2 Si/BK7/FS 15 Y12
SCM-23x34x2 23x34x2 Si/BK7/FS 15 Y10
SCM-23x30x2 23x30x2 Si/BK7/FS 15 Y11
SCM-22.1x28.8x3.2 22.1x28.8x3.2 Si/BK7/FS 15 X12
SCM-21.3x38.9x3.2 21.3x38.9x3.2 Si/BK7/FS 12 Y09
SCM-20x25x2 20x25x2 Si/BK7/FS 12 X11
SCM-19x32x2 19x32x2 Si/BK7/FS 12 Y07
SCM-19x29x2 19x29x2 Si/BK7/FS 12 X10
SCM-18.85x30.5x2.4 18.85x30.5x2.4 Si/BK7/FS 12 Y08
SCM-18.3x24.6x3.2 18.3x24.6x3.2 Si/BK7/FS 12 X09
SCM-17.7x31.5x2.5 17.7x31.5x2.5 Si/BK7/FS 12 Y06
SCM-17.2x22.5x1.2 17.2x22.5x1.2 Si/BK7/FS 12 X08
SCM-16x21x2 16x21x2 Si/BK7/FS 10 X07
SCM-15.7x20.2x2.5 15.7x20.2x2.5 Si/BK7/FS 12 X06